Yard Retaining Wall Construction

What Is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is, just as it sounds, a wall to hold back soil and water. The most common building materials for retaining walls are rock, brick, concrete block, poured concrete and timber. Rock walls are a popular choice because they enhance an outdoor space in a durable, natural way.

Benefits of a Well-Built Retaining Wall

Here are five ways our retaining walls can benefit your property.

1. Flood Control

A retaining wall may protect your home and property from flooding damage. By holding back the water and diverting it where it belongs, like a drain or the street, retaining walls are an added layer of protection from water and the debris it can carry.

2. Preservation

Retaining walls are ideal for sloped spaces that are prone to losing soil from erosion. A supportive structure will help the earth stay where it belongs, protecting your landscape and wallet.

3. Maximized Use of Space

If flooding and soil erosion are not issues in your area, they can still be beneficial. By creating retaining walls that double as terraced flower beds or gardens, you can allow your plants more space to grow and make them more visible.

4. Beauty

Retaining walls are functional, but they can also enhance the beauty of your yard or property if installed by a professional.

5. Increased Property Value

For all the reasons mentioned above, retaining walls increase your home’s worth. Having a retaining wall can maximize the enjoyment of your home now and provide the potential for a high return on your investment down the road.

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