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Retaining walls are used to hold back or help keep landscape soil from eroding, potentially ruining both the aesthetic and structure of your yard in Verona. They can also be used to improve the sculptural qualities to your yard, allowing you to update the look and usability, so you can enjoy your outdoor space. M H Landscaping LLC is the experienced landscaping company you can trust for both beautiful and structurally sound retaining wall construction in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Professional Retaining Wall Design & Construction For Verona, WI

High-quality landscape retaining walls consist of more than just the wall you see.  The experienced landscaping architect at M H Landscaping LLC will take into account the four main components to a retaining wall when designing your yard, including:

  • Location: This involves everything with the area, including anything under the area, like pipes or gas lines. Soil amount and natural drainage patterns must be considered, as well as any weight that could be put on the wall, from things like fences or pools. 
  • Soil: The soil type, ability to support weight, and proper drainage all need to be considered. Poor soil can be removed, and new soil can be brought in.
  • Design: Proper height, width, reinforcement and drainage materials, soil, and anything else need to be factored into design.
  • Drainage: If the wall doesn’t drain properly, flooding, erosion, and other problems will occur.

M H Landscaping LLC has been providing excellent design and installation services for yard retaining walls in Southeastern Wisconsin for over 12 years. With more than 20 years of design and landscaping services, your yard in Verona will have perfect garden retaining walls that are beautifully landscaped.

M H Landscaping LLC, Verona’s Trusted Landscaping Service

M H Landscaping LLC has been providing excellent landscaping services to residents of Verona. In addition to professional landscape retaining wall design and installation, we also offer the following services:

  • Landscaping: design, installation, and maintenance, including mowing, weeding, planting, leaf removal, planting
  • Hardscaping: design, installation, and maintenance
  • Patios & Walkways: design, installation, and repair

M H Landscaping LLC can take care of all of your landscaping needs, including yard retaining walls, in Verona, WI.

Call M H Landscaping LLC For Landscape Retaining Wall Design & Construction | Verona, WI

When you want professionally designed and installed yard or garden retaining walls for your property in Verona, WI, contact the experienced landscaping team at M H Landscaping LLC at 262-745-6389 or fill out our contact form online. Our landscape architect has over 20 years of design experience, so you know that your retaining wall design and construction will be long lasting, affordable, and custom-designed to work for your property.

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